Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jana: Little Chica Mango Chicken

While looking for yummy-sounding mango recipes, I ran across the National Mango Board website. What a wonderful recipe resource! I bookmarked several pages, but decided to start the challenge with a main dish: Little Chica Mango Chicken.

It was a pretty easy recipe to follow and make. However, it did get a little crazy while trying to get this entree and my side dishes (roasted corn and rolls) all ready at the same time. I was running around my tiny kitchen like a crazy person.

Broiling was a new way for me to cook chicken though... and one that I will be doing again... maybe even tonight. It was easy and quick! Next time I'll save a little bit more marinade to keep the chicken juicy all the way until the end though.

It seemed to me that the mango and cilantro topping was a bit of an after-thought in this recipe... just chop, mix, and add on top. Although it was good, it didn't totally mesh with the other flavors of the chicken. I can't wait to try another recipe where the mangoes are more integrated with the meal.

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